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     You can promote your company, products or services to a huge number of people - millions of people, potential customers through a simple web page;
    Given the low costs of implementation - and in an international language - you can address to international markets with a website that does not require a high complexity.
    If until now you were adept at marketing and traditional trade, now you can’t ignore the huge online market based web-design, which develops amazing possibilities for development of a commercial, cultural, scientific, web market which can be perfectly complementary to the traditional;
     You can save considerable amounts on printed materials, catalogs, promotional flyers;
    For an online store - the cost of implementation, maintenance and rental of web pages are infinitely smaller than a real store, eliminating the costs of commercial space rent, salaries of several employees, storage, promotion expenses fever;
    As a means of logistic requirements include a computer  and an Internet connection, which are ordinary things necessary nowadays, moreover, when the shop is set up, optimized and updated and sufficiently well promoted, all you need is just your email address where you receive orders;


    Optimizing a website refers to optimizing graphics and content that you need to be with a lot of information, and in the same time your browser  to load quickly, have a specific design activity and a layout that allows for easy navigation website, and useful for the indexing of web pages and finding easier by the users!
    Using a page with an optimized web design, you can easily guide visitors, potential customers, employees, providing them with valuable information about just a few clicks - which is accessible 24 hours / day;
    Through a rigorous web-design that meet standards for hypertext markup language and web development through a complex series of algorithms, you obtain an optimization of website that helps increase targeted traffic and positioning as well in results;


    IQ NET CONSULTING LTD offers professional data recovery from hard drives, laptops and all secondary storage environments. Our goal is to return the customer data in a fast, efficient and lowest prices on the market.
We provide a free evaluation of the situation after which we determine the cost of your data recovery. The process will be started only after your accept.


    Efficiency of a computer that has just been installed OS can not compare with the efficiency of a computer whose operating system was installed a few months ago and this is because installing a wide range of applications that rarely use them and download a huge amount of information on the Internet. In such situations required a series of operations that will eventually lead to optimize your computer activity.

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